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How to Roll A Green Game

There are a lot of people who compliment my Rolling skills, and the are always asking how to do it like me. It takes a lot of practice but soon you too can become Master. LMAO

This is how I roll a Green Game…

1. Start by unwrapping the Game, and cracking it open.

Don’t worry if it’s a little on the crooked side it doesn’t have to be perfect.

2. We want to pour all the guts out of the Game, and tear a little piece off the back “Cancer” paper off. 1/2 inch is good.

The paper should be clearly identifiable. Some of the newer ones come without it.

3.Blow on the side you have just torn, to reveal the rest of the “Cancer” paper.

You can clearly see the paper lift, and the difference in the “Cancer” paper.

4. Now tear away the “Cancer” paper like so.

"Cancer" paper can sometimes be difficult. In some extreme occasions you may have to tear off the entire part along with some of the Game resulting in a shorter Blunt.

5. Now we get to open the bag of green, by pressing your index finger and Thumb tightly on the opening.

Press your fingers tightly.

6. Now twist your fingers in opposite directions, and Easy as pie.

The bag is easily opened. You can also try to open like a bag of chips but it’s harder that way.

7. Now we want to find a place to break the stuff up. Just grab a menu or some sort of paper folded in half so nothing falls out.

I chose some Chinese food menu. LOL

8. Using the same technique u opened the bag with, and begin to break up the trees. 

Index and Thumb twisting to make tinny pieces.

9. Carefully pour your trees into the Game by holding you paper and slowly tilting it to spill out your trees.

You may have to tap the paper a little to get some of the smaller tree to fall in.

10. With your finger organize the tree to fit the Blunt to your liking.


The longer the better, but that’s just my opinion.

11. With both hands, fold the Game onto the trees and press down tightly to secure the position.

This step is critical, most beginners tear the Blunt here. Watch the force, the Blunt can be quite fragile and can easily tear.

11. This step is optional, but some people like “more green, and less paper”, so you can tear the brown off it if you would like.

Leaving less paper might also effect taste.

12. Make sure your tree is still secure and then lick the paper which is still unrolled.

You don’t want air pockets or a loose blunt so make sure it’s nice and compact.

Lick like an envelope. Don’t use too much saliva or it will need to be dried. And if smoking with others it could be uncomfortable.

13. Now use your thumbs to roll upwards using your thumbs and leaving your index fingers in the position to tighten the trees.

If done properly you should get something like this… (Pretty Right) You may have to tear some of the back, if the hole is closed no smoke can come threw it.

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